Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sundays... in the park... with George? LOL

So, chances are, unless you were in show choir with me, that title means nothing to you. And if it does, then your a rock star!

Anyway, I woke up ill again today (basically a regular occurance for me, but I'm still hoping for change... and not the kind from Obama, lol). It took basically everything I had to get ready for church, but before I knew it, I was in the car. I really enjoyed church today. Eventhough I was basically miserable through Sacrament, but once I got to Nursery, things got better. Our nursery size has decreased dramatically! We had 16 or 17 kids every Sunday during teh summer and now we're down to 7 - sweet! But they were a pretty rambuncious group of seven, lol. But I love them all!Now Jason and i are just chilling on the couch watching Spider man.

Jason and I get to go see my OB on Friday and I am sooo excited! We're going to hopefully be able to determine the sex and can't wait! I'm almost positive it's a boy. The whole time I've been pregnant, all my dreams have been about a baby girl; I've always said "she" when refering to the baby - just generally assumed pink. I have no idea why! A couple days a go, I had a dream that the baby was a boy and was kind of startled. Not that I wouldn't love whatever the Lord blesses me with, but I wasn't expecting it. It really made me realize that even though the baby is aleady a boy or a girl, I don't yet for sure and shouldn't make assumptions or get my hopes up for one or the other. Jason and I have always thought our first would be a girl for some reason and I think my family would respond well to a girl and Jason's mom is so hoping for a girl... I guess we'll find out on Friday! Hopefully!!!!!! Until then, Jason and I will enjoy our Sunday and dream about our little one.

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