Friday, April 15, 2011

More thoughts on birth

Today I was thinking back to the Thursday before Ainzley was born... March 17th. Jason and I (along with the midwives) had agreed to try to get labor started the next day with natural techniques - castor oil, stripping membranes, etc. I had put David to bed Thursday night, took a shower and was waiting for Jason to get home. Once he did, he tucked David in, showered and we went out to sit on our swing on the porch. We talked about a lot of things... but mainly our upcoming birth. "I'm scared" I told him while trying to hide my tears. When he asked me what I was scared of, I told him "the birth".

David's birth was a scheduled induction due to post dates (I was induced 15 days past my due date and he was born on the 16th day). It was in the hospital and an unfortunately routine procedure. I had an epidural to relieve the pain and also to help me sleep... it wasn't so effective in that scenario since the nurses kept coming in to check my dilation every 2 hours. When it came time to push, I was able to feel him moving through the birth canal without feeling the pain - it was awesome! With the exception of family drama, David's birth was great. I was lucky to have a terrific OB who listened to my wishes and stuck to my birth plan. I would say it was on the better end of the scale as far as a hospital experiences go.

After having what I believe to be a pretty good birth, I had a moment where I was questioning why I wasn't going back to the hospital. I kept having thoughts go through my head of the hospital being THE place to have babies (duh) and my reasons for having a home birth seemed to be fading. I didn't know how I was going to have this baby without an OB and a sterile room!

It's funny that I thought like that. The fact of the matter is that maternity wards and hospitals weren't even around until the 1920's and I was so worried about having my baby at home and not doing it the "normal" way - society's view of the normal way hasn't even been around for a century! I was terrified of the pain of labor and for good reason - even though I had prepared myself my ENTIRE pregnancy for a natural birth, until you go start to finish (and I mean holding that baby in your arms finished) you can't really imagine it. It is the most intense and amazing experience... I just cannot stop thinking about it! It was truly a defining moment. I may have been scared, but I did it! I actually had my baby naturally, at home, surrounded by people who love me, my baby, and my family. It was such a humbling experience and I'm so grateful to have experienced it
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