Friday, February 25, 2011


I sometimes love Dreams... they can be a nice escape from the diapers and house cleaning for sure! Sometimes, they can really bite. I have a certain character who appears in my dreams from time to time - a friend with whom I have a sorted past. Those dreams almost hurt. I miss this person and now I'll be thinking of them all day. Not really what I wanted today

I also dreamt for Disney Land.

And woke up with my favorite Christmas song in my head - O, Holy Night.

It's probably going to be a weird day

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Praise for the Webster Technique!

So, I saw my chiropractor yesterday for the Webster Technique. It's a chiropractic technique that helps loosen the ligaments and tendons around the pelvis and uterus to help make more room for the baby to turn. I also got a standard adjustment since I haven't had one in a long time. Anyway, I went in for a follow up appointment this morning and can you believe it - Ainzley flipped and is head down!! Granted, since she hasn't dropped and settled down into my pelvis yet, she can and probably will continue to move around but we know that she has the room to be able to do so. I have another appointment on Friday and my chiropractor wants to see me 3 times a week until she's born. I'm not sure I'll go quite THAT frequently, but I'll definitely keep going!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

37 Weeks

I made it to 37 weeks on Sunday - wahoo! Still quite uncomfortable but, hey, it's pregnancy! Had a midwife appointment yesterday and everything is looking good except that Ainzley has flipped breech again. At 37 weeks, breech becomes more of a concern due to the lack of space for baby to flip... the idea that she might not turn sucks. However, I went to the chiropractor today for the Webster Technique. The Webster is a technique that stretches the ligaments and tendons around the pelvis and uterus. It minimizes internal constraint on the baby and gives them more room to move around. The good news for me was that my lower back and pelvis (right side) was tilted backward which could easily explain Ainzley's constant favoring of the breech position. So the dr performed the Webster and gave me a normal adjustment. I have another appointment tomorrow and again on Friday. Plus an appointment with my midwife on Thursday to re-evaluate her position. The Webster technique has a very high success rate of 97% so we're hoping for a good outcome.

Besides that, I'd say we're pretty ready for Ainzley to be here! Jason is very excited! We got family pictures done right before Christmas and David loves to point out everyone in the family. Today, Jason asked him where Ainzley was and he pointed to my tummy in the picture - it was adorable! Everything is ready for her so whenever she decides to come would be great!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It snowed for hours today and I was stuck inside just watching. Jason and I played Ticket to Ride this morning after he drove all the way to work for a meeting that he didn't find out had been canceled until he got there... awesome. The roads were horrible. I made dinner early (around noon) so Jason could take it with him to work. It was nice to only have to reheat dinner rather than cooking a full meal as I became lazier and lazier as the day stretched on. I straightened up the house after Jason left for work and while David was napping. Then David and I just played the rest of the day until bed time - I love days where I'm not ridiculously busy and therefore feel like I'm neglecting my child. David and I spent a fair amount of time straightening up our mess for the second time today before bedtime.

Once he was in bed and the dishwasher was running, I got the urge to go outside. When I lived at home, the days that brought snow were my favorites. Chores took at least twice as long only because I wanted them to... I loved being out in the snow. The unique quietness that accompanies it on my parents farm is something I remember very vividly. Just past their big, red barn is the gate that leads to one of the pastures - the one with the giant hill. I used to beg Dad to dive the tractor down the hill so I could use the tire tracks for sledding. Without fail, there was always a new lamb or two born during a snow storm... sheep are never easy or convenient! Sure enough, today, Dad got out the tractor and drove down the hill for my little brother to go sledding on and new lambs were born... and I am home sick.

It was these memories and talking to my little brother today that inspired me to take a trip outside tonight. It was cold and dark and very windy. There are no big red barns in my back yard nor did a man show up with a tractor. There are bright lights from our apartment building and noisy neighbors... yet I was still able to stand there and "hear" the quietness. There was nothing outside except a perfect blanket of snow... no one had walked through it or made it into a snowman yet. Though the setting is vastly different, I still felt at home. So far, I've done nothing but grumble about the snow we've gotten this winter and how I'm ready for spring. Today, I was able to stand there and appreciate the snow. Besides, it will be gone soon enough and when it is, I always miss it ;)
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