Saturday, February 18, 2012

I thought I'd do a quick family update :)

School is in full swing! Jason and I are in the same 2 online classes as well as Jason's seated Microbiology class and I've got an additional online class. We've been having lots of computer problems so it's not exactly been easy but we're getting through it. Jason's doing well at work and I'm still home with the kids. I'm considering getting a part time job (like, 8 hours a week, lol) once Ainzley's weaned so I can get out of the house for a little while... but we'll see.

We're still working hard on the house. Yesterday we took up the old ceramic tile in the back entryway, guest bathroom, laundry room and coat closet and put down laminate wood flooring. It looks fantastic but the wood was slightly warped so it didn't install exactly right. I'm going to all the company and see about getting some of the money back. We also have the tile picked out for out master bath remodel - wahoo! We're still deciding exactly what we want to do with the garden tub, though so we haven't started demo or anything. And we're having carpet installed in the bedrooms on the main floor next monday! Things are coming along. Oh! and I've picked out a playset I want for the kids so I'm just waiting to see if I can get a better price at the lawn and garden show and if not, I'll order it and we'll be set :)

The kids' birthdays are next month and I cannot believe it! David will be THREE and Ainzley will be ONE - where has the time gone?!?! My kiddos are growing up so fast! David is just so amazing. He loves watching Backyardigans, riding his bike and playing with his puppy. Ainzley is a crawling maniac and can stand up now, too. She says mama, dada, baba (bye bye) and LOTS of other random noises, lol. She folds her arms when we get ready to pray, waves bye bye and covers her mouth and her ear when we play peek-a-boo. She just cut her 8th tooth and had a rally hard time with it. Probably because she was fighting a cold at the same time.

We are just having a terrific time lately. The weather has been great. We're making progress on the house, in school and the kids are growing! Keep checking for more exciting updates :)
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