Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Fluffy Buns!

Once upon a time, I decided to try cloth diapering... and ended up loving it! Seriously, it's WAY easier then I anticipated (and I was giving it the benefit of the doubt!). I really don't understand why more people won't do it! Think about it. What are some "fears" about cloth diapering?:

Poop... why is everyone so afraid of poop?!?! You're going to touch poop at some point - even while changing a disposable! If it makes you that uncomfortable, go and buy some rubber dish gloves and wear those while changing a poopie cloth. Sure, it's a little more work than just tossing it into the trash, but is it really that hard to take a couple minutes out of the day to spray out a dirty diaper? I maybe spend an extra 5 minutes a day on diaper upkeep... worth it!

"They're just not as convenient as disposables"... Whatev! My bunGenius 3.0 are amazing! After washing, all you have to do is put the insert inside the pocket in the cover and you're set! Mine are even Velcro closure!! Jason wasn't sure what to think of cloths until we got them and he changed a diaper - even he says they're easy. If you're out and have to change a cloth, just change them like normal, and put the dirty in a ziploc bag. I made a cute little zipper bag for my ziploc to go in so I don't even have to look at the dirty... and no unsuspecting diaper bag snooper knows what it is either! lol... I can even still use my diaper champ - amazing!

"They're not cost effective"/"They're so expensive"... again WHATEV! We spent 4 months worth of diaper money up front and have diapers forever! We have to run the washer and dryer a couple extra times a week, but even then, it's still cheaper than the $25-ish we were spending a month on disposables.

Jason and I are very pleased with our decision to cloth diaper, David is happy as
usual, and life is still going on as normal. Not to mention how ridiculously cute the diapers and David's new "fluffy bum" is. Probably my favorite feature of these diapers is that they will fit a baby from birth to potty training - now THAT'S a great investment!

Our Super Cute Stash

One Happy Boy!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I have decided I am the only one who knows what's best for my child. After all, that's what the motherly instinct is for, right? David is 10 months old now. He can sit up, crawl, pull himself up, communicate what he needs, and is a GREAT sleeper. He has the cutest smile, the sweetest laugh and loves his Mommy & Daddy... what more can I ask for? I don't understand why people worry so much about what their baby is "expected" to do at a certain age. I think their is entirely too much stress in this world so why start putting stress on them at young ages... and why add the stress to your own life? Children are only babies for a short while. They are so perfect and so uninfluenced, why not learn from them instead of trying to teach them to grow up even faster? I don't like the idea of development charts & I can't stand it when people brag about their children based on what they say. I understand the need to express excitement, but when people are like "My baby is crawling! What's wrong with yours?!" I just want to shake them! Maybe that child has an undiscovered learning disability... maybe they're perfectly fine... either way, if someone has to "pick" on another child to make themselves feel better, it's ridiculous! One of my close friends has dealt with this lately and she almost cries every time we talk about it. ENJOY the moments! Relish in the fact that you have a strong bond with your child... they will become independent someday, but why make it happen any faster than necessary?

If David is happy, I am happy... that's the only standard I need :)

On another note... our cloth diapers shipped today! We should get them in the next couple of days and I'm so excited!

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