Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mommy's Greatest Day

Mother's Day... A Day I've always celebrated, but (obviously) just for my mother. Yesterday, however, the day was for me. I was woken up at 5 by my sweet son. Since he sleeps from 9-5, when he wakes up, I'm typically awake for the rest of the day. I may drift in and out of sleep, but all that restlessness does is make me tired. So I fed David, laid him on the bed next to me and read the scriptures. Once David was content, I went and took a shower. When I turned off the water, David let me know he was awake with all of his cooing and baby babbles. I walked back into the bedroom and was given the best Mother's Day gift by my son - a HUGE smile and giggle. It just melted my heart. I walked away to get my hair brush and David let out a shriek. I walked back over to make sure he was ok and as soon as I was in eye sight, David gave me a matching smile and giggle. I tested my theory: I walked away again, another shriek, met David's gaze, and another smile and giggle. He knew exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day, my sweet boy! I made breakfast and got ready for church. After church, Jason and I went to see my family. Jason's mom was out of town in Nebraska for a wedding, so we called her in the car. We spent the afternoon with my family and had a bonfire that night. It was a great day!!! Once we got in the car, Jason started to not feel well. By the time we got home, he was running to the bathroom. I nursed David and got him to sleep before helping Jason... I rubbed Jason's back until he fell asleep, then FINALLY got to bed at midnight. I pulled out the hide a bed in the living room (so David would be able to sleep and not be woken up by his sick Daddy) and passed out! My Mother's Day was amazing from start to finish.

When I think about my journey leading up to becoming a mom, I almost start to cry. When Jason and I found out we were expecting, we were shocked and so excited! The next few weeks brought exhaustion and nausea. Once I entered my second trimester, I got even sicker, spent more time in the hospital than preferred, and eagerly started our collection of cute, little BLUE clothes. During my final few months, we finally enjoyed a honeymoon, were surrounded by family and friends at baby showers, and endured many sleepless nights. Once my due date had come and gone, we anxiously wondered if each passing day was going to be THE day. Walking up to the hospital the day of my induction was like crossing the finish line to the most anticipated marathon. I was filled with so many emotions, but when Dr. Sopuch (the same dr who delivered me) placed David on my tummy, I was overcome by a flood of emotions as my life was changed forever. There would always be someone relying on me for everything (besides my emotionally needy husband, lol). Being a mommy is my favorite and most rewarding job. It's a lot of work, but I get the best rewards in coo's, smiles, and love. No one will ever know how fast you can love someone until you have a child. I love my husband, I love my son, and I love my perfect little family. I always get a little sad at night when we all go to bed... it's 8 hours of needed rest, but 8 hours until I get to kiss my husband or giggle and sing with David.

Throughout my late adolescense and adulthood, I have had many positions (professionally and volunteer basis) that have helped me develop skills necessary to serve as a liaison to the community on behalf of a professional organization. I have spent many years in various organizations which have helped me grow skills such as public speaking, note taking, and scheduling. I am proficient in organization and mediation – always keeping the mindset of finding middle ground and while meeting the needs of those involved. I excel in the area of community outreach and thrive in situations where I am given reign to be creative and managerial. I am committed to achieving the best outcome and feel I have many fantastic qualities to contribute to any organization.