Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Jason and I had a very busy and fun weekend! Well... mostly. Saturday, Jason and I worked for our landlord and spent time together just relaxing which is always nice! Sunday, we missed church because I wasn't feeling well. Later that afternoon, we went out to Jason's brother's house so he could go to the McCain/Romney/Huckabee rally which (I heard) was pretty cool. I didn't get to go... I guess it was assumed that because I am a girl, I have no interest in politics and would rather have stayed home with the kids... a very poor assumption!!!! It wasn't so bad though. I hung out with my sister-in-law and my nephews. Then, when our husbands came home, they jumped in the hot tub while Linda and I continued to watch the kids... some sort of pattern here, lol. Anyway, we all got up this morning and went to a Labor Day picnic and swimming at Linda's new subdivision. It was a blast!! I love to hang out with my nephews - they're so cute! After swimming, we went back to their house, changed and went to dinner at Pizza Street. It didn't last too long because all the kids were tired because they missed naptime. So, after a long weekend, Jason and I made our way home... dodging accidents along the way. When we got home, our landlord totally chewed Jason out because we didn't water her lawn today. She seems to think that the lawn will completely DIE if it doesn't get watered every other day. She is completely ridiculous. So now Jason is outside watering the lawn at 9:15 and I feel so bad. I wish things could be different. Jason is so upset and we've had a pretty rough week. We told my family that I'm pregnant and it didn't go well. So we're still dealing with that and we have an utterly obnoxiously rude landlord. We need to move!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! Good luck with your Landlord. She sounds pretty crazy. I hope your family realize soon what a wonderful life they are missing out on. I know it can be hard to have a non-member family. They don't understand a lot about the church and I have had a little trouble myself. You will have to check out my blog too. (cassieandpaulbecker) Talk to you soon. Take care!
- Cassie Becker

Elle said...

Oh, I am SO moved... I made your BLOG!!!

Chin up girl, you have a friend in me... Oh, and a sister for life!!! SO happy that our husbands made us sisters... I think it is the best thing they could have done.

SO EXCITED to have a party... you, me, Mason, Saturday, 6:30, any questions???

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