Friday, September 26, 2008

4 more weeks

So, I FINALLY got to the doctor today... but no ultrasound *sigh* You'd think that because I'm 17 weeks along and haven't seen my dr yet, that he might be curious about what's going on in there. But, alas, there wasn't time. My insurance took almost an hour to get straightened out so I had to have a pretty quick appointment. But my doctor was VERY impressed by my baby's heartbeat. Seriously, for everything it's been through, it's doing awesome! Only 4 more weeks until I get to see my little baby!

Jason and I went on a date after work today to Dave and Buster's. Basically, a restaurant with a HUGE arcade attached - it was so much fun! Jason had his bachelor party there but this was my first time. We had some really awesome food, then our waitress gave us $40 worth of game cards for free! She was really sweet!

On our way home, I remembered we needed milk and I wanted popsicles so we stopped at Schnucks and it was a mess! We got out of the car and were immediately approached by a woman asking for money to take the bus and metrolink out to St. Charles (30 miles from where we were). I just walked away but Jason (always trying to be helpful) was listening. After a while, Jason called me over and asked me, in front of this woman, if it was ok if we gave her about $13. I was like "Thanks for not putting me on the spot hunny!!" He does this ALL the time. So, we walked into the store and I told Jason to immediately tell the cop who was on duty in the store. Long story short, the woman got escorted off the property - THANK GOODNESS!!! Because there was no way I was going to walk back out to the car without an escort with that woman out there. I was so terrified that someone was going to hurt either me or Jason - I was pretty terrified! But now Jason and I are safely home watching the debate.

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