Monday, January 19, 2009

Uncontrolably Emotional... How Ridiculous!

I have nailed down the single worst part of being pregnant... screw the getting fat, not being able to breathe, puking until you can't anymore. No all of those fail in comparision to the truth - I hate that I am so undesirable to be around!!! I could not control my emotions if I wanted to and I know that makes me no fun at all. I can't take any criticism, everything offends me, I hate our dog because she wants my attention, and I feel like I pick the dumbest fights! I do not understand (nor will I ever) how Jason can still want to wake up next to me and tell me how much he loves me everyday. I've never actually suffered from depression or anything like it, but now that I feel so down all the time, I cannot imagine living everyday like this. Atleast I know that someday these feelings will end. I am so thankful for the days when I wake up and am so happy! I say a quiet prayer that I will be able to continue to feel like this the rest of the day or any day I'm feeling down. I'm just so thankful for Jason and for the help he gives me. 6 weeks and I am counting every moment!!!


Robert and Michaelene Duree said...

Don't worry this is just as small moment. And you are so not alone in the when it comes to crazy emotions. This is why I always say being a girl is the biggest pain!!!
Love ya Bunches

sarah said...

Hang in there, Amy.

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