Tuesday, January 13, 2009

33 Weeks and Counting!

So, up until this exact moment, my pregnancy has been FLYING by! And now, of course, when I am least comfortable, time chooses to drag on ever so slowly! No, I am not looking forward to super sleepless nights and diapers (not that it will necessarily be as bad as everyone makes it out to be), but I am looking forward to holding our sweet little boy and having my lung capacity back! lol. I miss breathing and singing. Jason (with the help of our bishop) has convinced me to join the ward choir, but it's completely useless because I can barely make it through the first verse of hymns in church! Let alone sing a special musical number that bishop has been reminding me I promised him when we moved in a year ago, lol.

I keep thinking about things to come that mean the very end of pregnancy... baby showers, buying the few last things I need, actually looking as pregnant as I am, lol. OK, not really looking forward to that, but I guess it has to happen sometime. By the way, I am still in pre-pregnancy clothes... good and bad. Jason and I are just very anxious to get the worst part over to enjoy the best parts that will surely ensue.


Elaine Duree said...

Amy, I did not know you where a singer, please let us know when the day does come that you do sing in church, we would love to come and hear you. The kids too, they enjoyed hearing Katie Matheson perform last night, with West minister Choir. I have been trying to help them become more influenced by our family of singers. And hey I think we would all enjoy a private concert;)Not to much longer in pregnancy to go. savor your last few weeks being without child there is no going back! Elaine

2alisa said...

I'm so excited for you to have that baby. I have been wondering how your are doing. It's great to have a blog so we can take a peek in each other's lives.
Love you!

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