Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol and Church Ball

I cannot believe I actually watched an early show of American Idol! It was pretty comical... but it made me hate some new people... people who I've never even met, lol. It was awful yet entertaining for 2 hours.

Then Jason left for church basketball at 9. I do give him a pretty hard time about leaving me, but I don't really care. Well, I don't care unless it's Wednesdays AFTER he gets home and the next morning because that's when he comes home and tells me about the 42 ways he almost died at basketball, lol. There are several times when he has come home with HUGE bruises on his legs, or twisted ankles, he even needed stitches one time! Last night, while jumping out of bounds to save the ball (which didn't matter since he threw it so hard it went out of bounds on the other side of the court), he ran into the hard plastic curtain type divider and has a lovely imprint of it on his forehead... *sighs* He also managed to jam or possibly break one of this fingers and rupture blood vessels in another. I keep reminding him that is only church ball and not the end of the world. He goes for fun... but since when does fun include hurting yourself? hmmm...

Well, when Jason is running himself into the ground (by the way... he does not have health insurance), I watch the news and sleep, lol. I definitely get the better end of the deal because any injuries that happen while I'm dreaming, stay in dream world and that's the important thing!

So, I have a doctor's appointment today... good thing too because I have lots of questions. One thing I am definitely sure of is that the baby has dropped! So, that doesn't mean I'm going to go into labor tomorrow or even a couple weeks early, but it does mean that I have more room to breathe and I love it! It also doesn't make it easier to sleep which is super sad. Standing up is a lot stranger than it should ever be, and I get a little creeped out how low I feel this little guy moving. But I am all about mroe lung space so I will deal, lol.

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Robert and Michaelene Duree said...

Yes cruises are a blast. We should all go on one together that would be out of this world fun!!! I do get carried away with the pic's, and I know its so hard to concentrate when someone is kicking you. Just wanted to let you know I love your blog :) and it would be great if you just had robert bring home the cd Thanks!!! What kind of stuff do you still need for the baby? I heard your baby shower is coming up soon.

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