Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's my Son!!!

Here he is!!!! We went back for our follow up ultrasound yesterday and came home with a CD full of pics - how awesome!

We talked to the doctor about the baby's cyst and he is very optimistic. He said the cyst has gotten smaller which is exactly what we needed to hear! He said that the cyst could be a genetic "marker". Basically, babies who have this cyst have an increased risk for Trisomy 18. Trisomy 18 is a genetic disorder where the baby has 3 18th Chromosomes instead of 2 and is unfortunately fatal. About 95% of fetuses die in eutero and the percent that are born alive, die within about 2 months. The good news is that another big indicator of Trisomy 18 is a heart defect which my baby does not have - yay!!! Plus I am significantly younger than most mothers whose babies are diagnosed with Trisomy 18 so things are looking great!

Besides getting such awesome news yesterday, Jason and I also had a lot of Halloween fun! After the doctor, we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat which was actually a lot of fun. Then we went to fright fest at 6 flags which was ALL for Jason! The lines were much worse than any summer day when I had been there - not to mention that I couldn't even get on a ride! I did ride Scooby Doo - oh yay. But, Jason had fun and that's why we went. Besides that, we just spent the day together which is always great! Especially when he works every day of the week including Saturday and Sunday from 3 - 11pm. It makes for a lonely night. Jason is such a hard worker and still finds time for school and me - he's amazing! lol

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The Duree Family said...

Oh, Amy... baby boy is HANDSOME!!! I am SO excited to meet him and hold him FINALLY :)

Glad you had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN... missed hangin' with you this weekemd... but there is always sunday... it is Rick's turn to go to church tomorrow so I will be home with the babies.

Hugs to you... love your guts!!!! Oh, and i will ride Scooby Doo ANYTIME with you... I have been on it a few times myself with baby in tow :)

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