Friday, November 21, 2008

More upbeat today, lol

Ugh... I am so tired I can barely see straight! And tired of not posting upbeat blogs, lol. Basically, I am so sick and can't get any sleep at night - I'll fall asleep, toss and turn forever, wake up with a mouth full of cotton (at least that's what it feels like), and be up the rest of the night. Occasionally I'll be able to fall back asleep after Jason leaves for work, but, even then, that only lasts about 45 minutes. So then I get up, get ready and head off to work. Anyway, enough... I must be happy! :)

Today is Jason's last day of work at the old folks home - YAY!!!!!!!!!!! No more lonely weekends, early morning alarms, no more working by myself, and lots more early morning cuddling! lol... I have been looking forward to this day for, like, 2 months and it's finally here!

Another exciting note - my house is no longer freezing! Thanks to my always awesome sis in law, Linda, Jason and I have an amazing electric fireplace! It's gorgeous and very warm - yay! So, Jason and I have re arranged our house twice now this week to make room for baby and the fireplace... totally worth it!

Life is super great right now. More time with Jason, semester winding down, warmth, more time with Jason and *drum roll* Mine and Jason's one year anniversary!!!!! I cannot believe how fast the last year went. We had so much fun! My brother in law said something to the effect of "Well, now the hardest part is over..." and I laughed! I was like, "If this is the hardest part, then I've got nothing to worry about" lol. Seriously, yeah, we had some disagreements, but nothing worth giving up on. I love Jason so much and am so happy to know that my time with him will never end!

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