Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, yesterday I was doing some laundry and i guess I decided to try to claw the door frame which I was walking through and got a splinter under my nail - wayyyy ouchie! Anyway, I went home and immediately starting fishing out pieces of wood from under my fingernail - just what I was hoping to do yesterday. Joy. So I got a big chunk out and assumed that was it. I went and put peroxide under my nail and some antibiotic ointment. My finger was still swollen and red, but the wood in this woman's house is, like, 100 years old so I thought maybe that would explain the swelling... not really. So, today my finger was still red and swollen and, now, numb above the first knuckle. I decided to dig some more *ugh* and found an even more ginormous splinter waayyy under my nail. So I sucked it up and pulled it out too. Two days full of ouchie and sickness - gross!

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