Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a weekend

Last weekend was just crazy. Thursday, I had a minor meltdown. Jason's scooter had been in the shop for 3 WEEKS which meant he had to take my car to work leaving me and two kids stuck at home all day, every day. I went absolutely stir crazy! I wanted to get out and not be home so Jason pitched me the idea of going and visiting my family. I was quite shocked to hear him say this because we haven't been to St. Louis since January and he really wants to go visit as well. I decided to think about it. I did laundry once we got home in case I decided to go. Hours after our conversation, but Dad called and invited us to come up there for the weekend since it was the fair and my little brother's birthday on Sunday. I told him Jason had to work but that I was actually already contemplating going up there.

Friday morning we got up and were so excited because we were FINALLY closing on our house that day!!!!! After closing on the house and picking up the keys, I decided to go to St. Louis. We hurried home so I could pack and get on the road so that the kids could nap in the car. We left just as Jason left for work. The drive took almost exactly 4 hours which is awesome considering it was just me and the two kids. We spent Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday with my family before leaving. Both the kids did terrific on the trip considering the ridiculous heat! David has also outgrown his pack and play so he had to sleep on the floor next to me and he did great! Went right to sleep like it was nothing. yay!

So, we came back Sunday afternoon (during nap time again) and were all so happy to see Jason! When he took Ainzley out of her car seat, she just stared at him and was smiling the whole time - it was beyond adorable! Monday we started cleaning our new house!!! We took a break around 1:30 so the kids could nap and Jason and I went and saw the new Harry Potter! A review will come in a subsequent post but WOW!!!!!!! is all I'll say for now ;) After naps and the movie, we went back and spent more time at the house. We won't be able to go back until Friday since we're crazy busy this week, but we're so darn excited to actually be doing stuff at the house. My family will be coming down to help us work on it next weekend and I'm so excited to 1. see my family again and 2. get more work done - I can't wait to move in!!!

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