Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dairy free!

Ainzley is a fountain. She is super cool, makes you feel happy when you look at her and, oh yeah, spews liquid EVERYWHERE! No joke... we use flannel receiving blankets as burp cloths! She is a true girly girl and has at least 2 different outfits everyday. Why? Because she soaks everything I put her in... not to mention my clothing changes during the day because who doesn't love to smell like sour milk in 100 degree temperature - not this guy!

I LOVE having my midwife live next door and I love that we're friends because she is super helpful. Seriously, 3 steps from my front door and I've got my answer - even easier than the internet :) Anyway, we chatted about Miss Ainzley's lunch-losing and Corina (my midwife) suggested I cut out dairy for a week to see if that would help. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE milk? Ainzley is gaining weight just fine and doesn't get fussy while eating or while spitting up (classic signs of reflux - soooo thankful she doesn't have reflux!) so we'll just play around with my diet and see how things go. I also cut out soda 2 days ago. I just love the carbonation and I haven't ever been a heavy soda drinker so it looks like it's just water from here on out since I don't care for juice.

Stay tuned for updates

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