Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I live

For the sweet sound of my children giggling.

David and Ainzley bug have been playing together more and more lately - it is so sweet. Their favorite game involves Bug sitting in her Bumbo while David puts his head by her feet. She'll give a little kick which will cause David to erupt in laughter. Ainzley follows suit.

Today, they invented a new game. Ainzley still sits in her Bumbo except this time, David runs circle around her. Bug tries to keep up with him (following him that is) by moving her head so much that she almost becomes a bobble head to which David also has fits of laughter.

They also love to roll around on the floor together. Or David will dance around to the music of Ainzley's Jumperoo while she, well, jumps! LOL They are so adorable together. They make me smile :)

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