Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finishing from last time

Ok, Birth in all it's amazingness. I didn't know where I wanted to go with that post until Sunday.

Jason was teaching the 14-15 year old Sunday School class about the atonement. Like, the actual moment it happened. The suffering, the praying, the garden, the betrayal... THAT part. We watched the movie "The Lamb of God" and the scene of the Savior in the garden actually suffering really hit me. He suffered EVERY pain we could ever feel. Everything. From tweezing and eyebrow to *birth*. Christ knew what birth would feel like. This speaks volumes to me for some reason...

For Ainzley's birth, I knew I was going to go with no medication. I wanted to experience natural child birth, but I also wanted to give her the best birth I could. So many side effects of medications used in birth are unknown and I wanted to stave off any possible unwanted outcome from the medication. I didn't have the option with David. With him having a brain cyst and not having the option for testing for possible complications, the hospital was where I needed to be. Sidetracked...

Natural childbirth is hard. It's not something you luck into or something that happens because a woman has a high pain tolerance. You have to work for it. I did it for Ainzley. I loved my daughter long before I met her. I wanted to do the best I could for her and I'm very privileged to have experienced her birth the way it happened. I know my Savior loves me. I know he suffered much more than the pain of childbirth for me. I know the events leading up to His death weren't easy by any means, but I'm sure he would say he was privileged to have experienced it for us.

I'm not saying natural childbirth has made me Christlike... but feeling that intensity and knowing someone suffered it for me is humbling. I know it sounds silly, but natural childbirth has helped me grow closer to the Savior and, if possible, made me more appreciative of his sacrifice he made.

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