Saturday, October 22, 2011


Well, I already missed a day... poo. If it's any consolation, we were at the pumpkin patch for our second FHE for the week and it was awesome! Anyway, I'll make up for missing yesterday today.

Yesterday was supposed to be about my favorite movie.... I'm not sure I actually have one. No, wait. That's false. The movie I could watch over and over is Gone With the Wind. Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley... *sigh* not to mention the amazing dresses ;) I just love the whole thing. Not too many people remember but there was actually a TV sequel called Scarlet. Through a series of events, Scarlet ends up in her family's homeland Ireland. The whole thing is very interesting. I haven't watched it as an adult to compare it to the brilliance of the original movie so I'll have to look it up and let you know.

OK, today is about my first date. I honestly don't know which to count... my first date, like, ever?? Because that was in fifth grade, lol. My first date with my first serious boyfriend? Sophomore year and I don't even remember what it was. So, I'm going to go with mine and Jason's first date. We met at the fair and had planned to hang out the next week. We picked a day but Jason was taking the lead on the planning. I spent the morning and early afternoon setting up my aunt's classroom. By the time I got home, I almost called Jason to cancel but I had told myself after coming home from college that semester that I was going to make an effort to make a lot of friends in my new ward. I called Jason and decided to meet at the roller skating rink in his home town. Honestly, I thought we were hanging out with a group of people so I was pretty surprised when it was just us. Well, kind of. We met up but then went back to his parents house for dinner with the missionaries, lol. Then we went skating. We had the whole place to ourselves and talked for hours. We had a blast just getting to know each other. The night ended with a sweet hug (though he swears I wanted to kiss him, lol) and plans to get together again sometime. It was the best first date I've ever been on :)

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