Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall on the farm

Every year, Jason and I eagerly await the second Saturday of October because it's my parents' annual pig roast. Oh gosh, how do I put this... it. is. awesome!! I remember the first year they had the pig roast... I was a freshman in high school... maybe? I think so. Dad got up super early to put the pig in the rotisserie which kept breaking. Anyway, it's a huge ordeal. We invite basically everyone we know and it's an all day thing. I cannot wait for this weekend! We're leaving Springfield as soon as Jason gets out of class on Friday and going to the temple as soon as we get to St. Louis. I have been LONGING(!!!!!!!!!!!) to go to the temple for a month now. We haven't been able to go since before Ainzley was born - I think the last time we went was towards the end of January. When we were first married, we went every week and it was amazing. Then David came and we moved to Springfield. Even then we still went every time we were in St. Louis. Anyway, it's much harder to go when you have two kids and don't live near a temple. Whoa, ok, back to the topic... pig roast! So anyway, we're leaving Friday and some friends of ours are coming with us which will be so awesome. We get to hang out with family which is even more awesome still. And we're going to roast a whole pig, go on hay rides, have a HUGE bonfire, ride horses, go fishing. I LOVE fall on my parents' farm!!!!

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Jeni Brown said...

Sounds like a blast have fun!

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