Tuesday, October 11, 2011

200th post!

Last weekend was awesome! It was the weekend of my family's annual pig roast which I have blogged about many a time before. Roasting a pig, fishing, hayrides, family, friends... general awesomeness. Anyway, we left Friday after Jason got out of class and headed for the temple. Oh my gosh. We hadn't been to the temple since before Ainzley was born. I cannot tell you how nice it was!!!!!!!!!! The session was amazing and I just couldn't pull myself away from the celestial room. I love being able to attend the House of the Lord and feel our Father's love. I would love to hear Springfield, MO in the new temple announcements in April... Just sayin...

After the temple, we went to Applebee's for dinner and to watch the Cardinals play the Phillies in Game 5 of the NLDS. They ended up winning - another highlight of the night! After dinner we headed over to Rick and Linda's. They were kind enough to let us and our friends stay with them. Oh man did I miss them!!!!!! I love having a sister in law that I'm so close with. We don't get to talk much on the phone anymore but when we do see each other, we pick right back up like we never missed a beat. We got to their house at about 9pm. Linda and I didn't go to bed until 3:30am!!!! We had so much to talk about! The last time we stayed up that late, I went into labor so we kept joking that if we made it past 2am, someone was going to be having a baby LOL! It was not so amusing the next morning when we were both awake at 6:15...

Saturday we hung out around their house for awhile before heading out to my parents' house for the pig roast. Linda and I were exhausted all day so that's about all I remember, lol. We had a blast hanging out at my parents' house!!! Jason, David, my aunt and I all went fishing. Jason taught David how to fish. Together they caught 4 fish including a 4 pound catfish! Jason was so excited about the catfish. Everytime we go fishing at my parents' lake, Jason always says he's going to catch a catfish and this was the first time.

Sunday we were supposed to go home (our friends did) but we decided to stay and extra day so we could go to our niece's birthday party. Linda and I decorated Gwen's cake. Well, it's more like she decorated while we collaborated on the design since I had Ainzley with me most of the time. We left Monday morning :(

I was SO SAD to leave St. Louis this time! Normally we always come home early from our trips home because we like doing our own thing and want to get away from family, but this time we really felt compelled to move back... of COURSE that would happen right after we buy a house, lol. Jason, over the past few years, has decided that we would probably always live in Springfield and not move back to St. Louis... it's not looking that way, right now. Jason still has to finish nursing school and finish his work contract (since his work is paying for his schooling, he has to work there for 3 years after he graduates) but we're forming a plan to hopefully move back sometime after that. Things are always subject to change though so we'll see.

That's just about everything I have for now. Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

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