Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh how I miss thee!

I'm talking about sleep... I haven't had a decent night's sleep in over a week! This story dates back to the summer I was first pregnant with David. We saved some money and bought a new, pillow top mattress - it was awesome.... in the store anyway. A year later, we had to contact the manufacturer due to warranty issues. Mainly the body impressions and the pillow top was "gathering" in random areas. For a mattress that was 1 year old, it was completely unacceptable. The company replaced it under warranty and let us pay just a little more to upgrade to a king size which was amazing!

A year and a few months later (now), the king sized mattress we had gotten to replace our other worn out mattress had the same problem! Since we now live over 300 miles from the store we bought it from, replacing it under warranty would have been a big hassle so we sold it instead. The day before we sold it, we bought a new Tempur-pedic! We are so excited for our new bed... but it's taking FOREVER to get here! We ordered it last Monday and it won't be delivered to our house until Thursday or Friday of this week. In the mean time, we are sleeping on our queen sized air mattress... what. a. joke. I haven't slept well in days! I have constant headaches from not sleeping. I can't even take a nap because all I have to nap on is the air mattress! I can't even sleep on the couch because when I lay on it, I can't breathe. Yep, I'm exhausted! Please forgive the many grammatical errors that are sure to be found throughout this post as I can barely see my computer, lol


Jeni Brown said...

You silly girl you shouldn't have sold your old mattress until you had the new one so you could sleep!

Duree Pamilya said...

I know... with Craigslist, I feel like if I ask the buyer to wait, I risk not selling it and we don't really have anywhere to "store" the old mattress. It was a tough call and I definitely wish we hadn't needed to wait this long, but we got a call today and our new mattress will be delivered tomorrow! :) I'm so darn excited!!!!

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