Friday, December 10, 2010

Our week

It has been a long week... and it's not over yet!

Firstly, Jason had to work 6 days this week which makes for a family longing for time with Daddy. David really and truly will hug and not let go when he sees his daddy. It's adorable and makes me sad for him - he so obviously misses his dad! At least next week is finals week at school so we'll have every morning together. Secondly, we're all FINALLY getting over being sick! We still have runny noses, but no more cough or fevers.

Our Christmas party is on Sunday and we are so excited! There's a lot of work leading up to it, though. I got a good deal of house cleaning done today (in addition to a HUGE final project for Psychology and a test for Anthropology) and I'm just about half way through my Christmas baking. I love feeling accomplished!

Lately, I've been thinking about the holidays and all that goes along with it... mainly family. After Thanksgiving, I'm glad we're having our own Christmas again this year. I have always loved being around family for the holidays but it's just gotten too difficult emotionally for me. It's no secret that I haven't had the best relationship with my family over the past few years and I've finally had enough. I'm just tired of being walked all over and being neglected at the same time. Someone's getting a time out!!! I've been trying and trying (for three years) and haven't felt the same effort from others... hopefully having us absent for awhile will help get my point across. I feel like I've tried everything else and am sad that it's come to this :(

On a happier note, Ainzley seems to be doing well. She is growing and is soooo active! She's way more active than David was. Next week, we're getting our family/Christmas pictures done and I'm getting some maternity shots - I am so excited! I never even thought about maternity pics when I was pregnant with David and I wish I had. It's such a special time and it should be documented.

Anyway, I guess that's all I've got for now. Hope everyone had a good week! And yes, I did give up on the 30 day blog challenge, lol

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