Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Blog Post of the New Year!

Why, hello 2011! You are looking quite lovely this snowy afternoon...

Update for us. The biggest one I think is that of Jason's promotion! He was asked to become a CMT (Certified Med Tech) for his work! He will have to pass a test which is basically equivalent to a GED test, take a 6 (I think) week training course and pass the test for the class and he's in! The class is in the mornings and he'll keep his normal work schedule for the evenings so it'll be long days until the class is over, BUT he gets paid to go to class, paid to do his clinical hours and will get a pay raise when it's all said and done. Needless to say we are absolutely thrilled and SO thankful for this blessing! Jason's been worn out of doing CNA work and I've been hoping and praying for a solution for him. We're very excited that there's an end date in sight! The class, from what we've heard so far, is scheduled to start in April and will then end in mid May.

David is SUCH a big boy!!! He is currently in 3T clothes and will be out of them shortly I'm afraid... The biggest news for him is that we are potty training! He's doing very well! We bought him big boy undies yesterday and he wore them all morning without an accident!! Sometimes he'll tell us when he needs to go potty but it's mostly us asking him or reminding him when he should go. It's kind of early as far as "boy potty training standards" go, but it's still early. Jason is hoping to have him potty trained by the time Ainzley arrive (less than 7 weeks ish) but I'm thinking probably summer time at the earliest. Other than that, he LOVES going to Nursery at church! His favorite TV show is a toss up between The Office and Backyardigans. He now sits at the table with us to eat as opposed to in his high chair and he sure loves his baby sister! Well, when he doesn't get confused between my tummy and daddy's, lol. He loves to give the tummy kisses and when he covers my tummy back up with my shirt he'll wave and say "Bye Baby Sister!" - it is adorable! Of course, he'll do the same to Jason's tummy if he's laying on the floor.

Ainzley seems to be doing well. The tummy is growing and she is kicking constantly so I say she's doing great! We can't ever really get an accurate tummy measurement as she loves putting her back in my right side which distorts my uterus and gives us a crazy measurement. She's been measuring either right on, or on the small side the whole time until my last appointment... we couldn't get her to move so she was in her funky position making the measurement close to 34 weeks when I was 31, lol. Jason is CRAZY excited to meet her and absolutely can't wait!

I am doing well. I have ridiculous hip and back pain this pregnancy which I've found is the main reason why I don't sleep well... well, that and not being able to breathe, but hey, it's pregnancy! I've got right between 7 and 6 weeks left and am so anxious! I've been sewing her blessing dress bit by bit over the past 2 weeks and it's really coming together. I have to put the trim on the waistline and make some final design decisions for the skirt (then do those, of course) and I'll be done! I've sewn plenty of formal dresses before, but this has probably been my most challenging task just because of the size - it's teeny! Not to mention I am an absolute perfectionist is if it's not 100% correct, I'll take it apart and redo the whole thing... good thing I started early! Other than sewing, I've been spring cleaning our apartment 1 room a day. So far, I've only finished our bathroom and the dining room, but I only started 2 days ago, so I'm right on target! ;) I have to wait to do the main rooms (kitchen, living room, bedrooms) until Jason has a day off so he can help either me or watch David. This is yet another project I am hoping to finish before Ainzley arrives.

I suppose that's all I have for now. We've been keeping pretty busy and enjoying our family time. School just restarted for Jason (I'm taking the semester off for obvious reasons). He's taking online courses this time (a first for him) but they're basic classes that I've already taken so hopefully I'll be able to keep him on track and answer questions he may have. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the SNOW!


Elaine & Dan Duree said...

Good to hear a update from ur family.not much time left. I hope ur delivery goes smoth. I would love a pic of the dress:) tell Jason congrats on the job.

Jeni Brown said...

Wow that is early for boys to potty train but I totally don't blame you for starting this early. We have started a little with Madi she will be in pull ups as soon as we run out of this last package of diapers and she will sit on her potty chair and has even gone in it a few times. I can't believe David is in 3T he is huge! Madi is still in 24 months. But I think she will be in 2T soon. We need to get together before you have that baby!

Ed and Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing! Hope your delivery goes fabulous. Not much longer, though it will feel like forever. Way to go David on potty training! And mommy for training and daddy for getting a new job. congrats Jason!

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