Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well, today we got a letter from Jason's school... he didn't get into nursing school this semester. We were pretty distraught so Jason called the school to find out why. Apparently, one of this 3 references never made it into his file. He asked the people who wrote his references repeatedly if they turned them in and they all said yes - We even gave them stamped, addresses envelopes to make it easier! We know which person's reference never made it so Jason doubled checked with him and he assured us he mailed it. So, who's to blame? The school for possibly losing it or the post office for not delivering it? The school is on the lookout for Jason's lost reference - which apparently happens more often than you would think - but we're not counting on much. We feel hopeful but chance-less currently. So, unless we get our small miracle, it looks like we're going to be postponing nursing school 5 months (fortunately OTC offers nursing school twice a year!). This isn't really how we imagined the situation happening - something so small is what's keeping us from our goal - it's so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're just trying to focus on the positive and see where we end up.

Wish us luck!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck guys and hang in there.

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