Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today, I am feeling good! I woke up naturally before my son and was able to have breakfast waiting for him. We ate breakfast together and sang silly songs. Afterward, we cleaned up breakfast and played with Mega Blocks for awhile. Once David was playing happily by himself, well, with his friend Roger the Giraffe, I started cleaning the house. I keep the house pretty clean normally, so it didn't take me too long to dust, sweep, mop and sanitize... I clean the kitchen and vacuum everyday anyway. Once I finished that, I waxed my eyebrows and got ready for the day. Once Jason got home from school, we left to pickup both our cars (oh yeah... we bought a new car on Saturday, lol) and came home for lunch. Now, Jason's at work, David's napping and I actually get to relax! I'm sure I'll be doing some sewing later, but for now, I'm enjoying catching up on my reading.

I'm currently reading "Born in the USA" by Dr. Marsden Wagner and it's a great book! It's about the problems with the maternity care in America. What's even better is that it's written by an obstetrician! I am a supporter of the education of women about their birthing options. Sometimes I feel a little overbearing when one of my friends tells me their expecting, but just because we're all young and not everyone has had the option to learn about birthing with a midwife or doula. It's such a wonderfully different and refreshing experience.

Anyway, just an update on my daily life, lol

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