Tuesday, August 9, 2011

House update

OK, after a fast and furious visit from my family the weekend before last, there has been a LOT of progress!

2 sets of missionaries helped us tear up the ceramic tile in the kitchen and clean - that was basically all the prep work we got done, lol. While my family was here, we installed a new back door and frame, changed locks on both exterior doors, hung mirrors in the bathrooms, put up a banister in the stairway, leveled a floor, installed 2 counter tops, hung wainscoting in the dining room, patched holes, built a pantry, installed a new kitchen sink and a bunch more little things I've forgotten, lol. We still have a lot more to do, though and with school starting in 2 weeks, well, we may finish some things after we move in. We've painted a few rooms and even painted the dining room 3 times... let's just say that room is difficult to know what paint will look like on the walls until it's done. I still don't really like the color that's on the walls in there but Jason does. We'll see...

We also got all the appliances to the house yesterday! The stove and dishwasher were delivered by Lowe's and we picked up the Fridge and microwave. It's starting to look like a livable house! :) Only one bummer - someone stole our hose and spray nozzle. I mean, there was even a working dishwasher and a nice exterior door and you take the hose? Who does that?? LOL

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