Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have this friend...

We'll call her Caryn - because that's her name! lol
A little background information: I've been having a tough week emotionally. Basically I've been remembering times that I've been hurt or wronged by family members (mine and Jason's) and getting really frustrated because the emotional wound is still there.

Today, Caryn made a blog post and while it didn't really have anything to do with hurt feelings or earthly family relationships, I was so uplifted by reading it! She always seems to have an eternal perspective - ALWAYS and I love it! As a convert, I really appreciate the example that Caryn is to me. It bugs me when people who grow up in the church take advantage of the amazing blessing they have to learn and grow... Caryn has never come across as one of those people.

I am so grateful to know Caryn, her husband, and their beautiful daughter and we miss them immensely! Jason and I speak of them often and hope we can have a reunion soon. We miss you guys!!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite pics of the Allen family, lol :)


Caryn said...

Awww Amy, you have no idea how much that made MY day! You guys just need to move out to Utah. It's WAY closer than Missouri and we *may* end up there for grad school. Who knows! Lili could TOTALLY go the cougar route and marry David. Then we'd get to see each other (hopefully) more often! Hahaha!

Duree Pamilya said...

LOL!!!! Sad that we have to betroth our children with only hope that we'll see each other more frequently! lol again! I LOVE Utah! When we went out there to visit last June, I just fell in love! It's so beautiful and I love the modest shopping! ;) I'm not sure I could ever pull Jason away from Missouri. I mean, I'd definitely miss my family and all, but if we've learned anything from moving to Springfield, it's that #1, change is good and #2, it's still not far enough away from the drama! PLUS he'd be that much closer to Kyle... I'll have to remember that one next time we talk about it!

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