Friday, May 7, 2010

As promised

Today, I woke up to this:

On days like this, I spend my day wearing this:

And in here:

I have a confession... I have never made a Red Velvet Cake. Yes, shocker, I know! I found this recipe for Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches - YUM! What a fun afternoon...

1 cake mix in large mixing bowl. I expected the cake mix to be a bit more........ vibrant.

Oh, wait... there are a couple pigments

There we go. Definitely on the right page :)

Into the 350 degree oven for 15 minutes

Gotta stop and feed the babe. Oh he is PRECIOUS!!!!! He, too, enjoyed his first bites of Red Velvet goodness

DING! First batch done!

The camera was MIA during the frosting making, but here's the end result:

Nom nom nom......

Today was a fantastically creative day. When I wasn't in the kitchen (and when I wasn't spending time with Jace & David), I was doing lots of brainstorming and came up with some really awesome ideas. I'm very into the "creative baby items" market right now... I guess we'll see how that goes!

Besides that, it was a really fun day. Hope yours was, too!!!


Caryn said...

Oh those look FANTASTIC! What filling did you use?

Duree Pamilya said...

It was a cream cheese frosting type thing... message me on facebook and I'll get you the recipe :)

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