Friday, May 30, 2008

gas, amusement parks and the like

I love my husband.

The end

Ok, so I have lots more thoughts than that, but that's for sure the most important.
Will the car problems ever end?!!?!?!!?? Seriously, it's gone overboard. The started on Jason's car was just replaced, the dimmer switch on my car was recently replaced, my mazda was totaled (which we finally received the settlement check for - begin the hallelujah chorus!) and, now, either the battery or the alternator needs replacing on my car as well *sighs* COME ON!! enough already! I am poor enough without the stupid cars (and their gas tanks) draining my savings... seriously $3.89 per gallon - I WANT TO FREAKING SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that there's nothing for me to do but piss and moan about it so i typically don't but it has just been eating at my insdies for so long that i'm taking out on my blog - so take that!!!!! It's getting just absolutely ridiculous! I can't take it! I'm moving away. Where you might ask? To the island from Lost because apparently gas prices are the least of their worries, lol.

K, i'm super excited because tomorrow Jason and I are going to 6 flags - sweet! I love going to 6 flags b/c it's a freaking blasty blast and I need some enjoyment after nearly pulling my hair out about the stupid cars.

sooooo, now that i've thoroughly blogged to my heart's content, I'm going to bed.

nighty night!

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