Friday, June 6, 2008


I've been having a really hard time in the past few days. Wednesday was great because Jason and I got to go to the temple and it was needed badly! We go almost every week, but with me being sick and both of us working all the time, the week would be over and we would realize that we hadn't been to the temple - it was rough!! When I entered the temple, I felt an immediate difference and the time flew - I knew I was in the right place! One of the temple presidents and his wife were with us and she told me how happy it made her to see Jason and I at the temple so frequently - she's the nicest lady! She was there helping me when I went through the temple the first time and she's awesome! So Wednesday was great, Thursday wasn't really anything special but yesterday was a different story.

We came into work yesterday and got our work done super early so I suggested that we go to 6 flags since we have season passes and season parking - so we never have to pay anything when we go unless we want food or something. We spent some time in Hurricane Harbor and when it closed, we changed and rode some rides. We had a great time! The only ride I really, really wanted to ride was Mr. Freeze so we saved it for last. We walked to the other side of the park with just enough time to wait in line and ride once before the park closed. So we're waiting and waiting and then, out of no where a bunch of people from a certain ethnic group who think they deserve the world start cutting in line - not just 1 person, but, like, 8!!!! I WAS SO PISSED!!!!!!!!!!! K, I normally have no problems with these people - I like them, I show them respect, they show me respect - no problems, right? I got soooo upset! Seriously, EVERYONE waits in line - I don't care if you're friends are 50 people ahead of you, wait your turn!!!!! I got so mad and so frustrated tat I just left. I just gave up and left. Should I have said something - Oh, I had LOTS going through my head, but none of which were appropriate to say. Thinking back, I should have stood in front of them and said no, I should have stood up to them. At the same time, I felt a little better giving up my spot in line - even though it was only one spot. I just lost it. I got so mad and I just had to leave. Jason saw how upset I was and tried to make me feel better by offering me frozen lemonade - which I had wanted all day - but, by the time we got to a shop, they were closed and I didn't even get frozen lemonade - great! Yesterday really made me think a lot less of 6 Flags - seriously.

Today's not been so great either. Nothing's really gone wrong, I'm just ready to go home, lol. I need to clean my house and do the laundry and go buy food and all the things that go along with be an adult - ha!

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