Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So, this past weekend, Jason and I went on vacation with his family to Branson... yawn.....
It wasn't all that bad, because I needed a vacation. The problem was that we went on vacation with the people I wanted to take a break from! Less than effective.... It was a pretty sweet deal. We got the room, most food, and our amusement park tickets for free. We paid for gas and that was about it. Plus I got to eat at my favorite restaurant in Springfield - Fuji!!!! We got home yesterday and had to go straight to work - the joys of working for family - then home. I was so exhausted and had so much to do when we finally got home - not to mention I was so sick and could barely stand up. Nice. Jason was so sweet and did all the laundry and made dinner.

I have no idea what is going on with my body - it can never decide what it's doing. I'm not even sure why I'm sick besides the fact that 2 of my nephews have been sick lately. I should start taking my cocktail of vitamins that helped my stay well - but I don't wanna! lol, I've just always had to take so many pills that it gets a tad obnoxious after awhile.

I am ready for today to be over! It's just not really been a great day. It started off poorly and has continued to be. I am so frustrated that no one is listening to me! Everyone is treating me like they can walk all over me and I am so tired of it! I need a break.... from eveyone? YES! I'm tired of people saying one thing to my face about something and me hearing from Jason that they feel differently than what they told me. I've spent my whole life around two faced people and, I must say, they are my least favorite!!!!! I have no respect for people who can't be honest.

Clearly, my vacation did me a whole lot of good!

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