Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frustrated, much?

For me, the answer is quite simple - YES!!!!! All I want to do is pull my hair out right now! Work has been ultra boring lately because we have to sit in the store and do nothing... seriously. My boss decided to have this book giveaway/sale and NO ONE has come since the first day - which was last Monday. I am so bored!!!!! I guess it's ok because I just get to chill on the internet or play guitar hero, but that gets way boring after awhile!

My boss's brilliancy streak continues. He bought new printers for both stores (which were desperately needed!!) and I'm trying to install it and it's not working!!!! I don't know why, i have more important things to do than be a computer geek! I have 3 jobs, I'm a wife and a student and annoyed!!! my back hurts because I've spent the last hour crawling under the computer desk trying to get this stupid thing to work, which is also wreaking havoc on my knees - oh joy! Then Jason, who has just been playing video games the whole time turns to me and asks "Is it working, YET?!?" Seriously, don't open your mouth if you're not going to help... you may end up losing a tooth or two... ish, lol

Yesterday, we called the people who currently live in the house we're moving into and it did not go well. Jason asked them which day they would be moving out and they replied that they haven't found a new house yet and wanted to stay there until the end of July - WhAt?!?!?!!?!1 We were supposed to move in on June 15th and now they're saying the end of July!!???!!!!! That's not OK with me. We have already told our landlord that we were moving out and he's found someone else to replace us.

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