Thursday, June 16, 2011

More on Nursing School

We found out a funny tidbit of info yesterday. Jason was originally accepted as an alternate for nursing school (we already knew that, though). He was alternate #6 of 10. He works with a girl who is alternate #10. Jason told her yesterday that he got in and that maybe she would get a phone call as well. So this girl called the school wondering how many alternates were left before she might get into the program as well. The secretary she spoke to (and this is the good part) told her that, thus far, they've only accepted one alternate: Jason. Monday, they were notified that someone would not be able to attend the school in the fall so they started calling the alternates... they called all five before Jason but none couldn't get a hold of them - Jason was the only one who answered his phone that morning.

We feel really blessed and are extremely grateful :)

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Caryn Allen said...

Wow! That is incredibly amazing! Talk about a blessing from the Lord!!

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