Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick Days

Oh how I longed for sick days when I was younger! Staying home, curling up on the couch with my pillow and blankie - there was nothing better! I really needed one of those days today... but my little boy needed one more. David has had a runny nose for a couple days now and woke up today with an awful, phlegmy cough. He was acting completely normal for the most part. He usually takes 2 naps totaling about 3 hours, but not today, he took 2 naps only totaling 1.5 hours, so he was a little grumpy. He's not running a fever and I think his cough is bothering me more than him. I just feel so bad for him!!! I'm feeling pretty awful. I've had a lingering headache all day and I'm stuffed up! As strange as it sounds, the roof of my mouth hurts & I'm totally exhausted too, lol. What a day! Hopefully David and I will sleep well tonight and will wake up feeling better.

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Throughout my late adolescense and adulthood, I have had many positions (professionally and volunteer basis) that have helped me develop skills necessary to serve as a liaison to the community on behalf of a professional organization. I have spent many years in various organizations which have helped me grow skills such as public speaking, note taking, and scheduling. I am proficient in organization and mediation – always keeping the mindset of finding middle ground and while meeting the needs of those involved. I excel in the area of community outreach and thrive in situations where I am given reign to be creative and managerial. I am committed to achieving the best outcome and feel I have many fantastic qualities to contribute to any organization.