Monday, February 23, 2009

What more could I ask?

Yesterday was my second and final baby shower and it was amazing! My day started pretty calm - breakfast, hanging out with Jason... the usual. I started getting ready and realized that in the mad rush to get out of the house the day before, I had left my jeans at home - I had no pants except my cut off sweat pants! It was awful. Of course I had no clothes at my parents' house that still fit so I was screwed. I had to run to Wal Mart and buy some pants whch I plan on returning the next time I go, lol. Anyway, I got to mom and dad's church and people were already there which made me late. Things did start to get better once things finally got started. The games were fun and the food was AWESOME! My family is so full of good cooks! I started to open presents shortly after and got so much stuff! Clothes and blankets and toys - plus a TON of diapers an wipes. I'm sure they won't last as long as it seems, but what a great start! I was surprised by my aunt and grandma who got us a crib! It's beautiful... too bad I don't have room for it, lol. Someday when Jason and I are super grown up and own a home we'll definitely have a use for it. My parents also surprised us by offering to buy the travel system we want! At first they both thought it wasn't worth the money since it's used for such a short time so we'll see.

Both my showers were so great and I loved every minute! It's so great to see how much love can come from so many people who haven't even met him yet! It's so easy for me to love him already and I can't wait for everyone to be able to hold him!!!!

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