Monday, October 6, 2008

Christmasing and stuff

I don't know why, but all week (by week, I mean Monday to Monday), I've been soooooo excited for Christmas!!! Jason and I went to Hobby Lobby because they had their 40% off coupons and bought Christmas lights and more ornaments. Jason and I decided that every year we would buy a special ornament for our tree. After looking at Hobby Lobby, we decided to get the ornament we go and cut down our tree (Jason is very adamant about cutting down our own fresh tree). We have also listened to Trans-Siberian Orchestra almost everyday we're at work together. We are so excited to go to their concert next month!!!!

So, aside from Christmas before Halloween, there's actually a lot going on. Jason got offered a job at the nursing home so he's no longer volunteering - yay!!!! And I am very fond of how they determine over time - anything over 8 hours in one shift is considered overtime. So awesome! I definitely miss working with him everyday, but it makes coming home that much sweeter!

I also had to go to the ER on Saturday. For about 2 months, I've had sores popping up all over my legs. I went to the hospital when it first started but there was nothing for them to culture, so they gave me antibiotics and sent me home. I had another sore come over last week and it ruptured Saturday so Jason and I went to the ER where they were finally able to culture it - yay!!! It hurt soooo bad, but it's totally worth it! I found out today that it's MRSA and they were able to give me the right antibiotics. They did give me another prescription on Saturday, but it was just broad-spectrum, so the odds of it actually taking care of the problem were slim to none. So they adjusted the meds today and I can pick them up tomorrow - so excited! I am ready for this to go away!!!!!

So, I'm almost half way through pregnancy!! And still not really showing! I've gotten so many compliments. I couldn't wait to start showing when I first got pregnant, but now, I realize that not showing yet means I'm not only keeping a good eye on my weight, but that (contrary to popular belief) I'm not going to have a huge baby, lol. Which is very reassuring b/c Jason was a big baby! We are so excited! We're just enjoying being very happily married before making the transition into parenthood, though. I hate it when people find out they're preggo and then all they talk about is mommy, mommy, mommy! I'm obviously so excited, but I will have the rest of my life to coo over this baby... so I'm spending all my time with my wonderful husband!

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