Saturday, December 20, 2008

Half way lazy Saturday

Oh Saturdays... the day of the week when we get to sleep in or watch Saturday morning cartoons or eat a nice breakfast. Only, not so much for us! Saturdays are the days when Jason and I do most of our work for our landlord. This week wasn't so bad, though. We had already gotten half our hours out of the way during the week which makes me feel so much better! Normally, I'll do about 4 or 5 hours of work and Jason does the rest because it is getting just too difficult to be on my feet that many hours! Jason is such a hard worker... he does all those hours and never once complains. I am so dang lucky! Now Jason is playing a video game while I do some blogging and laundry, lol.

Tomorrow is the Duree family Christmas party. Then Wednesday and Thursday will be spent between my parents's house, my dad's mom's house, and my aunt's house - busy busy! Jason and I havee already exchanged gifts... kinda, lol. I wanted to get Jason the Lord of the Rings Risk board game so I looked for it EVERYWHERE! But no one had it because it is out of print now so I had to win it on ebay and I did!! It hasn't arrived yet and I don't think it will until after the holidays with the crazy weather that we've been having. Jason is getting me the nursing wrap I fell in love with! Basically, it's a cover/bib that I can put around my neck that will cover me and the baby while I'm nursing - very modest and an awesome idea! We're going to pick it up on Monday - yay!

Speaking of Monday, we are going to tour Labor and Delivery at St. John's that night and I'm kind of excited I guess, lol. It just makes it more official that I'm having a baby and soon! Only 2 months!!! Jason and I are so excited to meet our little guy. We went for our last follow up ultrasound on Friday for the baby's brain cyst and they said the cyst is completely gone!! I love the ultrasounds - We got to see him yawn! As the ultrasound tech said, "I love it when babies act like babies!" So we got some more printed pictures and a lot more on the CD they gave us the first time. I cannot wait to see what he looks like and to start seeing his personality! All I know is that he hiccups just like Jason - when either of them gets the hiccups, they have them for a very long time, lol. Oh, and he likes to kick my ribs/liver, lol

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