Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas time!

I am happy to report I am FINALLY getting better! The first couple days were absolutely miserable, but I went on antibiotics for about 5 days and starting getting much better. I still have an riduclous flow of mucous (gross I know), but it's not uncontrollable.
With one week until Christmas, I am getting so excited! We've been having snow, but it's not the fun kind... it's the kind that makes you afraid to get in your car because you know when you do, your car will be ice skating, lol. I am pretty sad, though... this weekend, mom and I were supposed to get together and bake Christmas cookies, but the only day she has available is Saturday and I have to work for my landlord that day. I definitely miss baking with Mom at Christmas time! Another thing I look forward to at Christmas is gift giving... but it's not what you think - I LOVE the gag gifts! lol... I'm thinking some people are concerned that I'm going to give stupid or redneck gifts or something... idk. But I have the most awesome gag gifts that I've been recycling since I was in high school. I'll probably have to go easy with Jason's family since apparently everything I do is weird of stupid.
So Jason and I went to the doctor yesterday and he is getting pretty excited for the baby to come! He's the Dr who delivered me and both of my brothers. He said I am doing awesome with my weight gain (I still haven't gained back everything from when I was super sick and I didn't gain anything in the last month - yay! Especially since we went on the cruise a couple weeks ago, lol). Tomorrow we have the 7 week follow up with the specialist for the baby's cyst. We'll have another ultrasound and are expecting great news!
One thing I've noticed about this Christmas is that when everyone asks me what I want for Christmas, I have no idea what I want! lol, I told mom that I wanted kitchen stuff, but beyond that... i just don't know. Nor do I really care, lol. I'm just getting excited to spend time with my family and not have work!!! yay!

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