Saturday, May 19, 2012


Well, I guess I'll start with Mother's Day. Mother's Day started fantastically. Jason got the kids up, changed, dressed, made them breakfast and all while I was just chilling in bed. It was glorious. I'm going to be honest: I did not want to go to church on Mother's Day. It's not that I don't love church but lately, church is a fight to get through. David cannot sit through Sacrament meeting and Ainzley is walking now so she doesn't want to sit anywhere for any length of time. David gets to go to the magical land of nursery but Ainzley doesn't yet so she spends the next two hours wiggling everywhere and fighting me because she's exhausted thanks to church being during lunch and nap time. So yes, the one thing I actually asked for was to not go to church. Shame on me.
So we went for a drive after breakfast. Then we had lunch and the kids took naps. Oh, did I mention I didn't have to change any diapers up to this point? I didn't? Well, you should know that, too : ) I got a fantastic back massage during nap time and then continued to lay around in bed. Jason was studying for his insurance license exam and started feeling yucky. So he decided to lay in bed while I cooked dinner which I didn't really mind. The kids woke up, we ate dinner, hung out and then Jason got sick - stomach flu : ( So Mother's Day ended pretty much the same as any other day except that I was taking care of a sick husband, too. So I ended my day by making a single serve coffee cake in the microwave and went to bed... and it was glorious : )

So, since Mother's Day, Jason and I finished our semester and are out for the summer. It's been so great! Jason brought it to my attention that I am truly a stay at home mom for a few months which I just love thinking about. I get to do nothing but play with my kids. oh, and move across the state in two weeks from today... yeaaahh, lol. But we are very excited about the move and the new job and our upcoming Branson vacation. In the mean time, I'm working my booty off finishing sewing projects and packing and playing with my kids. I've found that when I'm not stressed about school, I can be the kind of mommy I always wanted to be. Doing super fun stuff with my kids in between the errands and laundry, lol. Today, I took one of the biggest boxes I could find (intended for our move of course but I'll replace it) and two strands of Christmas lights. I spent 20 minutes poking the light bulbs through the box then plugged the strands into the wall... It was magic. David now keeps taking about how excited he is for Christmas (aren't we all, son : )) and Ainzley keeps talking about the "pretties". I love the fun, creative moments I get to spend with my kids  : )

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