Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We found it! It is THE house... 4 bedroom, 3 full bathrooms, 2500 sq ft and totally in our price range! Well, initially it wasn't, but we low-balled the seller and they countered back in our price range. We're going to counter again just a few grand under what they just sent us to hopefully save some moolah! It was built in 1901 and was totally remodeled less than 10 years ago with the exception of the original wood floors which are in great shape. It's a foreclosure so it needs a little TLC. We went to Lowe's this morning and got some estimates on paint and other supplies we would need for the house and we're looking at about $650 after over-budgeting on everything. We're thinking that as far as painting goes, we're going to make a donation to the young men and young women at church for girls/scout camp and have them come help out with the painting for a day... that's just a preliminary idea so we'll see.

My midwife's husband used to be a housing inspector so he was nice enough to come look at the house for us. He found some dry rot outside by some of the windows but he said, overall, for a 100 year old house, it's in good shape and he wouldn't fail it. We still have to have the appraiser come out and look and have to have an inspection done, but all in all, we're really excited and things look like they're headed in the right direction. If all goes well, we're looking at a move in date around the end of July - a new house for Jason's birthday! lol

Other than our pending home-ownership, it's been a busy month! Jason will take his state CMT test on the 23rd and will do his clinical hours and state physical test next month (that's his promotion at work that I've mentioned in previous posts). He had his interview for nursing school yesterday morning and he's confident that it went well. David has entered the terrible two's *insert eye roll and head shake here*. I absolutely hate disciplining him! Well, spanking in particular. I grew up in a house that was full of physical punishment (thanks to my military dad, I guess) and it was awful. I feel that spanking is a last resort type of punishment so I'm trying to find more creative alternatives. He is a VERY sweet little boy though!!!! His vocabulary has grown exponentially and he uses sentences most off the time. And he is VERY polite. My favorite is that he doesn't typically use the word "yes" when answering questions. When I ask him if he wants/needs something, his response is, "I do! Please!" Adorable. Ainzley is amazing as usual. She is full of smiles!! She sleeps around 9 hours every night and is a great napper. I am so excited for her blessing this weekend!!!!

Speaking of naps, I need to get the kids down for them so I guess until next time...

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