Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My predictions were correct

Here I sit... 2 days past my due date, lol. My children just are not prompt little people! ;) I know I don't have a problem birthing large children seeing that David was nearly 10 pounds so I'm ok letting them cook a little longer than average. I thought about it when I was pregnant with David and decided they just want more time with Heavenly Father while they can... and I don't blame them a bit. Yes, I DEFINITELY have my moments of weakness/anxiousness/impatience. Last Friday I cried for an hour because I was "just done being pregnant". The feeling passed before I went to bed and I woke up the next day feeling ok. Well, today I had another moment but I thought to myself, everyday she is getting a little stronger, a little healthier, a little more intelligent, a little more prepared for her earth life... I made it 4 days passed my first "moment" and can make it another 4... step by step. It doesn't help that it seems like everyone around me wonders why I haven't had my baby yet or what's taking so long. Although, I can't decide if it's worse being pestered about where the baby is or people who haven't said a word to me about my pregnancy at all or just when they want to criticize.

On another note, I was thrown a surprise baby shower! My calling is with the young women in our ward right now (secretary) and their Wednesday night service project for February was doing projects for me! They made us a freezer casserole, a baby blanket, a diaper cake and a memory book. It was so sweet of them and so nice to feel loved. It really was a lot of fun with lots of yummy goodies!

Jason took his test for his promotion at work yesterday and he got the results back today - he passed! No... not passed... ACED it! He got a 100% in all aspects. I was so unbelievably proud of him and he was ecstatic. He starts the class in April. It's a 3 week class followed by a state written exam and clinical hours. I have complete faith that he'll do just great.

There's not much else going on here. David continues to be the most amazing little boy I've ever met. He LOVES going to nursery at church and has so many little friends. We're still potty training though we're not really "active" in it yet. He will tell us when he needs to potty - even when he's in a diaper so that's a small win.


Caryn Allen said...

Due dates are just best guesses! I hate it when people (especially doctors) freak out when you go over. Technically you can go over due two weeks and still be right on for the term of the baby. You'll be just fine and I'm soooo excited to see pictures of your beautiful little girl!

sarah said...

Sounds like you are a trooper! I'm excited for you and your boys for your little angel to arrive. Wishing you the best of luck and a safe and "easy" delivery!

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