Sunday, July 18, 2010

I feel like I haven't missed a beat

So, being almost 7 weeks pregnant... I feel like it hasn't been 16 months since I was last pregnant. Right back into prenatals (which I took the whole time I was nursing so it's really only been like a 4 month break from those), sleepless nights, and stupid ingrown hairs on my legs. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I NEVER get ingrown hairs unless I'm pregnant, lol. Oh, and the exhaustion and raging hormones. I've cried every day of this pregnancy and for absolutely no reason. The part I do like about the hormones is how "lovey" I get... Every time I see Jace, I just want to give him a huge hug and not let go! I feel like, mostly, pregnancy is good for my marriage, lol

We are so excited for this little one! I'm still trying to adjust to David not being the baby, but everyday he is growing and learning... proving to me that it's ok - it's all a part of life and it all will be great. We've got big plans for this birth, too. I found a terrific midwife that delivers in hospital! A home birth is still my first choice, but we're weighing our options. We've decided our official stance is pro-home birth, but not anti-hospital. We LOVE the idea of home births and the freedom it gives women and families, but also understand that it's not for everyone or every situation. Because of David's brain cyst, his birth was not an ideal home birth situation and that's ok. We still had a terrific birth and came home happy and healthy, but that doesn't mean ALL my births have to happen the same way.

Anyway, on another note, we are really enjoying our summer! We love the break from school and all our free time! We're moving at the end of next month and cannot wait! Our apartment we live in is OK and nice by all accounts... but it's more of a "pretend" nice as me and a friend decided. It's obviously cheaply constructed, poorly managed (even though the manager we deal with is awesome, it's overall a lazy job), the maintenance guys are rude and also lazy and we have terrible neighbors! Well, except for the missionaries who live across the breezeway from us, lol. I'm glad our complex has 4 pools because the one closest to our apartment is ALWAYS closed! People know the managers never come over and check for the pool bracelets we're supposed to always have on us so we have random people come over and swim - people who don't even live here! Our pool is currently closed because some idiots took glass bottles into the pool and broke them. Apparently, that means the pool has to be closed for a week... awesome. Our new apartment is so great and we can't wait to live there! It will, without a doubt, be the last apartment we live in before we buy a house... it's going to be a long lease, lol.

David is becoming quite the little man. He can now successfully locate his tummy, ears, mouth, nose and eyes. He's known his tummy for a long time and just learned the rest in the past 2 weeks or so. He loves books and his favorite toys are his Mega Bloks and his beach ball. We were very interested in extended rear facing in his car seat. The APA is now suggesting 2 years before forward facing children or when they outgrow the rear facing aspect of the car seat... he outgrew it at 15 months, lol. So now he's forward facing like a big boy! I can't believe how big he really is! There's several children at church who are his age or older and he's much bigger than them! Not that it should surprise me, but I always forget about it, lol.

Well, Jason will be getting home from church soon so I guess I'll start working on lunch and less on blogging :)

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tiffanyfarhner said...

David is definitely a duree and they all are tall!!! I remember when Jason was little, he was never really little though!!! Always the tallest...but so was I!!! I'm so glad things are going great for you guys! congrats on the new baby! Can't wait to make another picture frame for this one!!! LOL!! We love and miss you!

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