Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a great month!

I thought that when I had a baby, I would have so much to blog about... yet I sit here and have few words. It's only the second day of the month and already November has been considerably warmer than October! Mother Nature's early birthday gift to me! lol I love winter - I really do, but summer was quite mild (which I would take over scorching temps) which means the cool weather came all too soon!

We had a terrific Halloween season! We went to our Trunk or Treat the weekend before Halloween and it was a lot of fun! David was the cutest cowardly lion, I was Dorothy and Jace was the scarecrow whose costume looked very similar to that of a lion, lol. Eh, we had fun! David got to "trick or treat" for the first time and passed out after visiting only a few cars - he was so sweet! We went out for a little bit on Halloween night, too, but it was too cold to stay out very long. Especially when the only person who dressed up couldn't even eat the candy he was collecting, lol. No big loss there.

David continues to amaze me every time we weigh him. He now weighs 19lbs 5oz and is 30" long!! He's definitely going to take after his daddy! He can get up on all fours and will probably be crawling soon... I cannot believe how big he is and how fast he's grown up! I was organizing his clothes a few weeks ago and I found the outfit he came home from the hospital in and almost started to cry! It was so teeny!! And it was BIG on him when we came home! I don't know what I'm going to do when he has his first day of school, starts driving, or is away from us for 2 whole years! I'll look back on these days and cry, lol.


Anonymous said...

David looks so cute in his costume. Thanks for the update!

Cas n John said...

He is so cute. I do the same thing. It's so crazy!! Hey where did you get your cart protector?? I love that pattern I have that in Masen's room.

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