Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This has been long overdue... My first blog since being back in Springfield! Jace and I are loving Springfield! Jason started his new job today which we are totally overjoyed about! We worked very hard - I say we because WE worked as a team on this one for sure! I drove around to get the applications and filled them out while Jason was at school. Once he came home he signed them and did the interviews the next day. So far, we're very impressed with his new job (the benefits/perks... not the facility so much). Jason is also in school full time this semester.
David is acclimating very well to his new home. He has his own room which I have been greatly anticipating since I was pregnant - I have been wanting to decorate a nursery since I was nesting and haven't had the opportunity. He is eating solids everyday and LOVES sweet potatoes and carrots!! He started sitting up all by himself at just under 5 months and recognizes his own name! He loves playing with mommy and daddy and loves to be in front of my camera and camcorder - he's so funny.
I am just enjoying being a stay at home mom and PC consultant. I'm not super busy with shows, but will hopefully be picking them up soon - especially with the holidays coming up! Jason and I are so happy with our decision to relocate for awhile. Things are going great!!

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Minskie ann said...

congratulation!!! Thanks so much fun!!!!
Love ya tons

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